Welcome to The 100 Story Hotel!

Welcome to The 100 Story Hotel!

Z-arts’ next interactive world of play and storytelling, The 100 Story Hotel, has been created with Discover Children’s Story Centre and award-winning author and illustrator Rob Biddulph.

Tickets go on sale today for Z-arts’ brand new, interactive world of play and storytelling, The 100 Story Hotel.

Opening in February 2024, The 100 Story Hotelwill feature a collection of Rob Biddulph’s unique and extraordinary characters, a slightly unusual hotel, and a mysterious mystery for visitors to help solve… 

At The 100 Story Hotel there are all sorts of guests; lions and tigers, dinosaurs and bears. Some sausage dogs are having a party on the hotel beach. And that’s to say nothing of the dedicated staff. The porters are penguins, the housekeeping team is headed up by a handy octopus – and Clive the polar bear is the concierge. 

There’s just one problem at this wonderful establishment – although the hotel is usually full of 100 amazing stories, one story has just gone missing! The hotel desperately needs your help to find the naughty culprit. Can you follow the clues and track them down?

This interactive world of play and storytelling has something for everyone aged 1-8 and their families.   

The 100 Story Hotel is the first new interactive world at Z-arts in two years with hugely popular current exhibition Fairy Tales – created with David Litchfield and Ross Montgomery – finishing at the end of 2023.

To celebrate the opening of The 100 Story Hotel, we will be having a bear-tastic Launch Event on Saturday 17 February with a Best Bear-themed contestexhilarating assault course plus a complimentary copy of The 100 Story Hotel activity booklet for every child that attends.

You can book for our exclusive launch event here!

You can book for performances of The 100 Story Hotel from Wednesday 21 February here!

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