The 100 Story Hotel – Launch Event!

Saturday 17 February

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Age range
Ages 1-8


Run Time
2 hours

The 100 Story Hotel – Launch Event!

Step into the wonder world of wonder at The 100 Story Hotel – where imagination knows no bounds! 🏨✨

Get ready for an amazing adventure like no other! Clive the Concierge, our charming polar bear, is here to welcome you with open paws. He might be a bit hairy and have long claws, but that’s what makes The 100 Story Hotel so unique.

In this extraordinary hotel, guests come in all shapes and sizes – from majestic lions to ferocious tigers, prehistoric dinosaurs, and cuddly bears. Right now, a bunch of playful sausage dogs is throwing a party on our pristine hotel beach. And let’s not forget our fantastic staff: the porters are adorable penguins, the housekeeping team is led by a handy octopus, and you’ve already met our lovable polar bear concierge.

But here’s the twist – we’ve encountered a small hiccup in our whimsical world. One of our cherished 100 stories has mysteriously disappeared! 📜🔍 We’re on a mission to find the sneaky culprit behind this literary heist, and we need your help to follow the clues and crack the case. Are you up for the challenge?


What’s in store for you and your family in this special event:

🐻 Grrrr Themed Fun Day: Join us for a beary good time with our Best Bear-themed contest and an exhilarating assault course filled with hula hoops, gold medals, and a podium for our triumphant champions. Plus, you can craft your very own bear ears to wear during the contest. It’s a day of bear-tastic adventures!

📖 The 100 Story Hotel Activity Booklet: Every child who joins us will receive a complimentary copy of The 100 Story Hotel activity booklet, packed with exciting games, puzzles, and more. It’s the perfect keepsake from your extraordinary day.

This captivating world of play and storytelling has been crafted in collaboration with the bestselling, multi award-winning author and illustrator, Rob Biddulph and Discover Story Centre. Whether you’re 1 or 8, there’s something here for you and your entire family to enjoy.

There are only 40 tickets available per performance of this exclusive family-friendly event, get them before they’re all gone!

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Getting there

Z-arts, 335 Stretford Road
M15 5ZA
Greater Manchester

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