International Dance Day

Sunday 28 April

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For all the family


Run Time
4 hours

International Dance Day

Sunday 28 April – 12:00 -4:00pm

Join us for a day of dance & creativity to celebrate International Dance Day with residents, associates and new artists at Z-arts!

It will be a fun packed day with dance classes, performances and creative classes celebrating all forms of dance and expression. We will have various different activities for you to try throughout the afternoon.  With live dance performances, drop-in dance classes and creative arts/crafts sessions – there’s something for everybody.

Join us to celebrate international dance day and get your body moving, soul grooving, heart pumping and mind funking!


More info below:

The event begins in the theatre with a thrilling performance of Lilo Lost It! by MoveMCR

Lilo Lost It! (Commissioned by Big Imaginations) invites young audiences on an enchanting journey of self-discovery through the captivating medium of contemporary dance. Join Lilo as she navigates the colorful landscape of her mixed heritage, exploring themes of identity, acceptance, and cultural celebration. With endearing characters and a vibrant original soundtrack, this lively solo performance engages children in an interactive adventure, inviting them to join Lilo on her quest for understanding.

Through a dynamic array of movements, Lilo Lost It! offers a heartfelt portrayal of the highs and lows of embracing dual identities. Come along and discover the joy of celebrating differences and the beauty of embracing who you are!

What the trailer for Lilo Lost It! here!

Then we have four 30-minute dance workshops filled with dance and celebration, these are as follows:

Afro-Fusion Contemporary with Maisha Kungu: Rhythm and Play

Unlock fun and play in your body. Find groove and joy in Melody. Musicality and expression are hiding in your feet! Through story, song and some fast footwork, we will go searching for movement mischief! Bring your whole self into the room. I hope to see you there.


Bharathanatyam with Anu Srikesh

Welcome to our 30-minute beginner’s workshop on Bharathanatyam, designed for those eager to explore the rich heritage of this classical Indian dance form. In this condensed yet immersive session, we’ll introduce you to the essential elements of Bharathanatyam, focusing on accessibility and enjoyment. Through a brief but immersive exploration, you’ll discover the joy of dancing to the melodious strains of classical Indian music, creating a harmonious blend of movement and sound. Join us for this whirlwind introduction to Bharathanatyam, where beginners are warmly welcomed and the beauty of this ancient art form awaits to be discovered in just 30 minutes.


Yoga X Contemporary Fusion with Maea Morgan 

Get ready to explore your body and surroundings as we combine fast and fun contemporary dance with soothing yoga sequences. Building a community of movers of all ages and abilities – movement is for everyone! Join me on the dance floor to awaken and energise yourself on a beautiful Sunday to celebrate International Dance Day!


Dance Party Fitness with Veronica Delgado

Lets celebrate our dancing bodies together to some fun, groovy dance tunes! Join me in an upbeat Dance Party Fitness session to get our hearts pumping and bodies dancing! Bring all your best moves to the dance floor and leave energised, wanting more! We are on a mission to unlock our unique dance styles!


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Z-arts, 335 Stretford Road
M15 5ZA
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