Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 Creative Learning

Creative Classrooms
Our freelance Z-artists deliver exciting and inspiring arts sessions in Primary Schools across EYFS, KS1 and KS2. These sessions are designed to enrich the curriculum, bringing anything from maths problems, science experiments or historical characters to life through arts based workshops. Sessions are delivered as one-off 1-2hr workshops with a class of up to 30 children, a day of activity working across multiple classes, a whole school assembly or as a series of sessions delivered over a term.

These sessions are focused on developing skills in specific art-forms and genres across music, dance, drama and the visual arts. Students meet and learn about a practicing artist, and experience a masterclass of workshop activity designed to challenge their ability level and current subject knowledge.

After-school clubs
Afterschool and lunchtime clubs are a great way to enrich the learning which takes place in the classroom. Z-arts offers weekly extra-curricular activities, delivered in 5-10 week blocks. Sessions are designed to enable skills progression in art-form areas including; dance, drama, music, and visual arts over a longer period of engagement.

Bright Ideas
Workshops in any art-form, exploring a topic, philosophical question or issue such as bullying, climate change, internet safety or friendship. We also offer SWITCH Transitions summer programmes for children moving up to secondary school, and a Cultural Diversity offer which explores identity, culture, and community.

Family Engagement
Z-arts recognises the importance of learning as a family. Bright Sparks member schools are entitled to free Family Engagement workshops for pupils and their families. The sessions are designed to encourage parent and child co-creation and communication, and include free Bright Sparks Family Memberships for those attending.

Design a Z-arts Creative Learning workshop
All our activity in schools and nurseries begins with a conversation, so if you have an idea for a workshop or project please do get in touch. You can use our Z-arts menu to get a flavour of some of the art-forms and themes we have delivered in the past.

Many schools find that a Bright Sparks School Membership is the most cost effective and convenient way to plan and pay for Creative Learning activity with Z-arts.
However, activity which takes place outside of a Bright Sparks School membership is costed to be as affordable as possible for schools whilst covering the artist fees and materials. Our fees for Z-artist led sessions are tailored to individual programmes, but as a guide our prices, excluding any materials, will usually fall within the following ranges:

1-hour artist-led class workshop in school, cost per artist: £30- £45.00
Whole day of artist-led activity in school, cost per artist: £200 – £250

Get in touch with us to discuss your plans and budget.
Gill Balfour, Creative Learning Officer: