Z-arts Fundraising Policy (inc. Gift Acceptance and Refusal Policy)

Z-arts Fundraising Policy (Inc. our Gift Acceptance and Refusal Policy)

Z-arts is a Registered Charity (1093556), who is committed to inspiring and enabling generations of young people from Manchester and beyond to use creativity to reach their potential. We offer a wide range of creative activities across all art forms including visual art, drama, music and dance as well as a varied theatre programme specifically aimed at children and family audiences.

Z-arts employs a Development Manager to oversee donations, the role is supported by the whole Z-arts team and the Board of Trustees. The Development Manager is a member of the Institute of Fundraising, which requires all members to follow strict guidelines on the legal, ethical and best practice of managing all aspects of donations.

All donations from individuals, businesses and trusts will have their information stored into our CRM system Spektrix.

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Z-arts will always adhere to the law and best practice as outlined by:

  • GDPR
  • The ICO
  • Institute of Fundraising.

Z-arts offers several opportunities for patrons, businesses, and trusts and foundations to support the work of the charity, this includes:

  • A Regular Giving Scheme, via Direct Debit.
  • Leaving a gift in a Will.
  • Adding donations onto ticket sales, either online or via our Box Office, payment by either cash, card or cheque.
  • Through a Corporate Supporters scheme.
  • Via donation buckets / boxes.
  • By applying to a variety of T&F to support specific projects and overall work.
  • Attending specific fundraising events and activities.
  • Ad-hoc fundraising schemes, such as crowdfunding and sponsored events.

All fundraising goes towards a variety of Z-arts led activity, and unless stated, will be used to fund a range of Z-arts work, this includes but is not exclusive too:

  • Providing free activities (predominately the Bright Sparks sessions).
  • Showcasing theatre for families and young audiences.
  • Offering spaces for external arts organisations to develop work.
  • Paying and supporting staff to maintain business needs of the organisation, e.g.: running Box Office, organising performances and activities, leading sessions.
  • Developing theatre for young audiences and families.

Fundraising Schemes for Individuals

With all schemes listed below, we will not contact customers unless they have explicitly agreed to be contacted. We will not pass on their information to be contacted by a third party (in a fundraising capacity). We will use our legitimate interest policy to notify people if there has been an issue with collecting funds, we want to express thanks or we believe the group of donors will be genuinely interested in the information we are sharing. We will never send information about additional donation requests or schemes, unless explicit consent has been given.

Wealth Screening

Z-arts have undertaken a Wealth Screening of its database with Prospecting For Gold Ltd. The following was adhered to:

  • We only accessed information from publicly available sources e.g.: the charities register, press, the electoral register.
  • We only contacted patrons who granted us permission to do so.
  • We worked with an organisation to complete this who followed strict protocol on handling data, ensuring that it will not be sold onto a third party and only be used for the purpose they were engaged with.

Regular Givers (who pay via Direct Debit)

All Direct Debits are managed by CAF Donate and patrons can sign up online (securely through the CAF Donates site) on paper form, or over the telephone with Box Office.

All Regular Givers details will be added to our CRM system, but also stored on an additional secure electronic spreadsheet, so we can better monitor correspondence and income from the scheme.

People who sign up via a paper form will have their details added to the CAF Donate website for their Direct Debit by the Development Manager only. Their personal information (exc. Bank Details) will be added to the CRM System and the spreadsheet. The paper form with the bank details on will then be shredded.

Patrons who sign up via telephone will be taken through the process by a member of Box Office, who will follow a strict script, ensuring all legalities are completed.

When a new patron signs up for the Regular Giving scheme, they will be sent a link to this document and our privacy policy.

Regular Givers will be notified on, unless they request no correspondence:

  • The success of the scheme, e.g. monies raised, projects supported.
  • Our Legacy scheme and any other fundraising schemes we may undertake.
  • Events specific to donors.
  • Receive regular thank-yous and notifications about the scheme.

Patrons who donate on top of ticket sales

Patrons who donate this way will pay either cash, card or cheque. This will be managed through our CRM system, Spektrix, and the details added to the patron’s records.

Patrons who donate this way may be notified of additional fundraising schemes, if they have given explicit consent, e.g. the Regular Giving scheme, one off fundraising schemes. They may also receive an email or post thanking them for their donation, according to our legitimate interest policy.

Legacy Giving

Customers who leave a gift in their Will to Z-arts are encouraged to do this through their existing solicitor. We have also recommended Farewill, but customers are not obliged to use this company.

Gift Acceptance and Refusal

Z-arts are pleased and proud that companies, individuals, and trusts and foundations, choose to support our work in additional ways to attending activities, performances and sessions. We employ a Development Manager three days a week to oversee donations and the whole Z-arts team and Board of Trustees take an active role in supporting fundraising activity.

However, there may be times that a gift cannot be accepted for a certain reason. If this is being considered the following protocol will take place:

  • If the gift is £500 – £5,000 the Development Manager, working in collaboration with the Chief Executive will refuse the gift. One of the reasons underneath must be cited. If an additional reason is found, the gift refusal will be put in front of the board of trustees.
  • Any gifts over £5,000, both the Development Manager and Chief Executive must agree in accepting the Gift. If one or both think the gift should not be accepted, they will present their findings to the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees will make the final decision.
  • All gifts over £10,000, regardless of if the Chief Executive and Development Manager think they should be accepted or not, will be address by the board of trustees.

All statements and amounts above also cover donation of goods. These will be assessed by working out the cash value of the goods.

Any gifts made via Box Office, as part of the Regular Giving Scheme and in donation boxes/buckets, will be automatically accepted. For all gifts £500 plus, due diligence checks will be carried out, via publicly available information.

Any gifts made by a trust or foundation who are registered with the correct regulatory authorities in the UK, such as The Charites Commission, will not be subject to checks.

Reasons for not accepting a gift

Although this list is not exhaustive, it should be a guideline for staff and the board of trustees in considering if a gift should be accepted or not. Just because something may be listed here, it does not mean a gift will instantly be refused, but it provides a guideline for staff and the board of trustees to work towards. If there are any concerns, it is advised the board seek legal advice.

  • The source of the donation is not known. For example, an anonymous donor gives a gift, but will not be identified. Please note Z-arts will follow all donors’ requests on their publicity surrounding their gifts.
  • It is believed or proved, the gift was obtained illegally.
  • If the gift does not reflect the charitable purpose of Z-arts and/or morally corrupts the message Z-arts promotes. Examples here may be: Alcohol and drug use companies, fast food companies.
  • Organisations or individuals who promote an unjust/none-equal/biased viewpoint. Examples here may be certain religious groups or politically motivated groups.
  • Organisations or individuals who require benefits that accede the donation amount, in actual costs or staff time.
  • It is believed that the donor was not in sound mind when making the donation, or is in a vulnerable position.
  • The donation may damage Z-arts relationships with existing donors/supporters.
  • The donation will damage the reputation and ethics of Z-arts.

In addition to the above, if a gift is made for a specific (restricted) purpose, e.g. through sponsorship or a legacy, these may be rejected once the following has been considered:

  • The Gift was made and Z-arts can no longer fulfil the wishes of the donation.

All staff are encouraged to site and share any reason why they believe a gift should not be accepted with the Chief Executive and the board of trustees. All gifts that are refused will be kept on record and gifts that are accepted but questioned by any member of staff or the Board, will also be recorded.

Z-arts wants to be open and honest with all supporters and donors and will never knowingly break guidelines set by the ICO, The Charities Commission and the Institute of Fundraising.

This document will be updated periodically and shared with patrons.

Any questions or comments please contact:

Gemma Rooke

Development Manager


0161 232 6089

Last Updated 30/7/2018