A quick update following the new temporary and precautionary measures from the government.

As of Saturday’s government announcement, we are asking once again that our families and friends help us to keep each other Covid-safe.

Z-arts staff, adults, and young people aged 12+ are encouraged to wear a mask.

Please make sure you wear a mask when coming in for classes, dropping off/picking up at the Box Office, attending a performance, or indeed anywhere in the building apart from the café bar which is exempt as a hospitality space.

If you are mask exempt if you could wear your sunflower lanyard that would be greatly appreciated.

Our young people aged over 12 have been doing an excellent job of being aware of when they should be wearing masks, giving people space, etc. and we would like to thank all of our teens for being respectful, kind, and thinking of others’ safety. We’re dead proud of you!

Thank you all ever so much. We really appreciate you helping to keep Z-arts safe and keeping those families who are vulnerable safe too. 

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