Technical difficulties on our website, please bear with us.

*Update* We’re back in business! 🥳You should now be able to make card payments online.

What’s on at Z-arts | Manchester’s venue for children, families and friends

Oh no! Our payment system is down! 😟💳

Due to circumstances out of our control. We are currently unable to take bookings for all paid shows and events on our website, in-person & over the phone via Box Office.
However, do not fear!
👉You can RESERVE YOUR TICKETS & PAY LATER by calling 0161 226 1912.
We are working to get this technical issue resolved, as soon as possible and will keep you updated when we’re back in business!
We’re really sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. We’ll be back with an update soon, please bear with us, and don’t forget to book your family adventure! ☺️🥰
If you’re trying to book for Fairy Tales🍄 over the weekend, we still have lots of tickets left. Please rock up to Z-arts on the day and we’ll get you all booked in. (

Thank you, The Z-arts Team ☺

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