Say It Loud

STUN | Mbari Group presents ‘Say It Loud’
A programme of Black history, arts and debate

Conceived from a series of conversations between Manchester artists and activists, Say It Loud will explore all aspects of living in the city and its current issues in a series of events here at Z-arts.

Say It Loud Education Programme

Say it Loud provides a new educational and cultural platform that seeks to inspire audiences across Manchester to connect with Black history and black presence today.  The education programme will include exhibition viewings, film/making, workshops and seminars which aspire to trigger learning and social engagement for everyone.

Say It Loud Exhibition
Tuesday 2nd October – Friday 26th October – free entry
Mon-Fri 5pm-9pm
Sat 10am-4pm

The Say It Loud exhibition is a collection of art, posters and publications that look at how local people and organisations have developed in Manchester. What did they do, who did it and where did they draw their inspiration? Including visits from Paul Robson, Malcom X and organising and hosting the famous 5th Pan African Congress.

Say It Loud History Seminars
Tuesdays 9th, 16th & 23rd October, 7-8.30pm
£2 per person
This seminar programme aims to explore Manchester’s history of Black organisations and debate the role of local history itself. It also includes a special ‘Black Panther’ film and discussion event.
(The programme runs alongside ‘Hulme History Month’.)

Arts & Crafts Fair – Sell It Like It Is
Saturday 27th October, 12-6pm
Free – a family friendly event!
A new marketplace for contemporary Britain based Black, Asian and Minority ethnic artists, designers and craftspeople to offer a discerning buying public a brand new way to explore our creativity.
Email to apply for a stall

Speakeasy Tells It Like It Is
Saturday 27th October, 8-12pm
£5 per person – suitable for ages 16+

A night of poetry, song and music by the Speakeasy open mic jam collective. Performances by local artists inspired by ‘Say It Loud’ themes of motivation and activism. An exciting night is guaranteed.

Tell It Like It Is – a series of interactive lectures
Thursdays 25th October, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th November – 7-8.30pm
£2 per person
A series of Interactive lectures which examine several contemporary issues including
Numbers: Statistics and the Black Community
Black vs. Urban: The Role of Language
The Attack on Rap
What’s Working: A Look at Employment
Race, Media and Representation

To find out more about Say It Loud, visit their blog here.

*Some events are subject to confirmation. For the full programme please email or visit
Say It Loud is presented by Sustained Theatre Up North and Mbari Group and is supported by Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Education Trust and Cultureword.