The Rockin’ Rhinos are coming to Z-arts!

The Rockin’ Rhinos are six animals with one mission: to rescue the under 7’s from bland music and offer families with young children gigs they can enjoy – together! We can’t wait to welcome them to Z-arts on Friday 1 November for our Halloween Family Jam! We managed to grab Guy the Gorilla to ask him a few questions…

Hi Guy the Gorilla! First things first, where did the band name The Rockin’ Rhinos come from?

One of our (then) little daughters saw the word ‘Rhinos’ on a van near Mossley and we decided we had to rock it!

How did you decide on each of your characters?

Well, it’s a little known fact – people think our members are named after Manchester music heroes e.g Liam Lion, Mani Mouse – but it’s actually the other way round and the music heroes took their names from us 😉

Do you have a favourite song to play?

As I’m a primate it’s gotta be Monkey Man – especially after the terrible cover that The Wiggles did of it.  We think we’re much more like The Specials’ version.

Our Halloween Family Jam is going to be spooky animal fancy dress, are there any animals that you’d particularly like to see?

I’m a bit frightened of ghosts – there wont be any will there? 👻

What are your favourite three animals and why?

Gorillas, gorillas and, er gorillas

Describe The Rockin’ Rhinos’ music in three words.

Fun times 4 all (can I have three words and a number?)

Rockin’ Rhinos will be performing at Z-arts special Halloween Family Jam on Friday 1 November!


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