A Sky-High day out with Renaker!

Z-arts have recently been working with our supporters Renaker to deliver some exciting new opportunities to young people in Manchester. On Monday 19 February 2018 young people taking part in Z-arts’ Skyscrapers to Igloos – Changing Skylines half term activities, were lucky enough to have Alex, Isaac and Michael from Renaker show them around the Deansgate Square development site in Manchester.

Set for completion in Spring 2021 (with phrase one completed Spring 2019), Deansgate Square will be the single most high profile residential-led development in Manchester. Monday’s tour around the site included a visit to the Renaker offices to meet the team. Our young people learned about how buildings start and how long it takes to build them, took part in some fun quizzes about how tall the buildings will be, drew their own very bright and creative buildings, and then went outside to the viewing platform to take a look at the skyscrapers being built. Here’s a few words from Gill and Gemma, two Z-arts staff members who were lucky enough to go on this fantastic trip!

“It was a really informative trip and quite exciting going up on to the viewing platform to see the building work being done. The children definitely took a lot from the visit and meeting the staff, as they were all super charged to get started on our creative project when we got back to Z-arts!  

– Gill Balfour, Assistant Creative Manager – Z-arts

“This was a great day out, a first for Renaker and us! We all learnt a lot about our changing Manchester skyline and the exciting developments happening right across the park form us. We are proud to work with Renaker and use their skyscrapers to inspire our young people as future Manchester architects, surveyors and business developers.” – Gemma Rooke, Development Manager – Z-arts.

Thanks to Renaker for their support of Z-arts, and to Alex, Isaac and Michael for taking our staff and young people on this wonderful tour of this exciting new feature on the Manchester skyline!

Photo credit: Ray Jefferson

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