Our Bright Sparks Families dazzle in our latest Family Photoshoot!

Check out these gorgeous new photos of our Bright Sparks Classes! 
We know you’ve been asking to see these, so thought we’d bob them in an album for you.

See here! (http://bit.ly/3LKEq0U)

Let us know if you’re not on Facebook and we can share them directly.

Can you spot your superstars? 

Photo credit: Lizzie Henshaw Photography


Our Bright Sparks Family Membership is currently supported by Cargill Cares. 

As a registered charity we still need support to help make our world go round and make a real impact on #youngpeople in #Manchester.

If you know of any organisations that might like to get involved in fundraising we’d love to hear from you!
Email kate@z-arts.org

Your support truly means the world to us!

Thank you!

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