One Small Quiz!

Ahead of One Small Step on Saturday 2 June, we’ve put together a quickfire quiz to test your Neptune knowledge, your NASA know-how and your interstellar info…

1. How long is a day on Jupiter?

a. 10 hours

b. 5,832 hours

c. 25 hours


2. Which is the hottest planet in the solar system? 

a. Mercury

b. Venus 

c. Mars


3. How many moons does Mars have?

a. 0

b. 2

c. 69


4. If you weighed 10 stone on Earth, how much would you weigh on Saturn? 

a. 4 stone 11.2 pounds

b. 23 stone 5.4 pounds

c. 10 stone 8.4 pounds


5. One Small Step is coming to Z-arts on Saturday 2 June, the show is named after the first words said by the first person on the moon; “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.  Who was the first person on the moon?

a. Neil Armstrong

b. Buzz Aldrin

c. Michael Collins


How did you do?

Answers below…













1. A. A day on Jupiter is 10 hours, the big gas giant planets rotate very fast (Saturn takes 11 hours, Uranus takes 17 hours, and Neptune takes 16 hours). A day on Venus lasts 5,832 hours and on Mercury lasts 1,408 hours. A day on Mars is just one hour longer than Earth’s at 25 hours.

2. B. Although Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, it’s actually Venus that is the hottest planet at an average of 460 degrees Celsius. Mercury has the most varying average surface temperature of any of the planets ranging from −173 °C at night to 427 °C during the day in the equatorial regions. The average surface temperature of Mars is -60 degrees Celsius, although it can get up to 20 degrees Celsius during the summer near the equator.

3. B. Mars has two moons, their names are Phobos and Deimos. Venus and Mercury have no moons. Earth has one moon, Jupiter has loads at 69, Saturn isn’t far behind at 62, Uranus has 27 and Saturn has 14.

4. C. On Saturn you weight would be just 0.06 more than it is on Earth. On Jupiter your weight is 2.34 times more so you’d be 23 stone 5.4 pounds. On both Mercury and Mars your weight would be just 0.38 of what it is on Earth, so you’d only weight 4 stone 11.2 pounds.

5. A. Neil Armstrong was the first person on the moon. Buzz Aldrin was the second person on the moon and Michael Collins accompanied them on the space mission but stayed aboard the spaceship to fly it whilst Neil and Buzz were on the moon. Interestingly, Buzz Aldrin always claimed that he said (“one small step for a man, although it’s impossible to hear this on the recording of the transmission).

Want to learn even more about space and humans’ adventures into it? One Small Step will be at Z-arts on Saturday 2 June.

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