Daryl Beeton talks to us about A Square World

A Square World is coming to Z-arts on Sunday 21 October! Described by a recent reviewer as (non-verbal) “story-telling at its finest”, this honest, touching and bizarrely quirky piece of theatre will delight and surprise young audiences and their families. We spoke the show’s creator and performer Daryl Beeton, about creating the show and what audiences can expect from A Square World

Hi Daryl, what’s been your favourite part about creating this show?

A Square World was created through working with a class of 5 year-olds, we would share with them our idea for a story and then through a series of creative play sessions they helped shape the story further and the characters. This was such a joyful approach for the creative team and really helped us to understand how to engage with and tap into the imaginations of our audiences.

Without giving any spoilers, do you have a favourite bit of the show?

For me as Director and performer the favourite bit is always when the different characters are revealed for the first time. It’s silly and unexpected so the audience reaction is always a fun moment.

What inspired the making of the show?

As a disabled performer working for many years with children and young people I found that they always wanted to ask questions about my disability but sometimes there was never the space to do so. So this show was a way to creatively try and open up a discussion and a space for young audiences to ask those questions and for them to discover their own ideas and thoughts about a complex topic, but in a fun and playful way.

What have you learnt from working on A Square World?

It was created for young audiences but the responses from parents have been as important and those of the young audiences. It has been a springboard for parents to discuss and address issues themselves and given confidence to talk about disability and difference with the children.

How is A Square World different from other family shows?

As its creator it’s hard to answer this question so I will leave it to an audience member who recently saw the show in Singapore.

“This was storytelling at it’s absolute purest; minimal cast, language, set and props yet maximum innovation in the use of voice, body, sound and blocks to create compelling characters that engaged adults and children in an emotionally affecting performance.”

A Square World will be at Z-arts on Sunday 21 October. There will be a relaxed performance at 11am as part of our Z-access Family Fun Day and an afternoon performance at 2.30pm.

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