Studio Z Recording Studio

Studio Z is a newly built recording studio situated at the heart of the Z-arts building. Designed to provide a flexible and professional recording service for Singer/Songwriters, Indie/Rock bands, R’n’B, Rap and Synth based composers; whilst the large Music Hall offers the perfect space for Jazz bands and Orchestral groups to capture their live, ambient and natural performances.

In keeping with the Z-Arts ethos, Studio-Z is committed to providing creative opportunities to young people and is the perfect venue to host youth orientated activities. We are able to provide bespoke youth workshops that target specific age groups, ability levels and educational needs. Courses can be as short as a few hours, run for an intensive five days or be split across a number of weeks. In all instances the participants will be involved in the creation and recording of a high quality music product using industry standard techniques and equipment. If you’re considering a delivery partner for music youth activities please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Prices start at £25 per hour and for a small cost you can have exclusive access to an engineer and unlimited use of the studio for mixing and/or recording.

Prices can be tailored to any individual requirements. Please contact us at for a complete quote or visit for additional information.

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