Happy Earth Day!

Z-arts are delighted to be taking part in a number of new initiatives within our building to make us greener and to reduce the impact we have on the planet!

We’re currently in the process of replacing our basement toilets with a completely new suite of gender neutral ‘super-loos’! The hot water for these will be provided by a very low carbon solar heat pump which works like a fridge in reverse and extracts the heat from ambient temperature surroundings to heat the water. In addition, water consumption will be reduced by using valve-operated flushing mechanisms for the toilets coupled with sensor triggers, making then safer to use.

In addition to this, we are working with Manchester City Council to help them undertake a major investment in a range of low carbon technology which will significantly reduce our reliance on gas-fired heating and ventilation as well as an overall reduction in carbon footprint.
This will include:
  • significant increases in roof surface insulation
  • an intensive solar panel array installation coupled to battery storage to reduce our electrical energy consumption at source
  • new ventilation/heat pump units removing gas heating from specific areas
  • replacement of several single-glazed window areas with new super-efficient double glazed windows which will also allow zero-carbon natural ventilation.

We are also currently looking at potentially investing in solar heat pumps to replace other water heaters which are currently heated by the gas installation.

Here at Z-arts, we know our young people in particular really care about the planet, and we’re doing our best to reduce the impact we have on the environment, as we all have a part to play in taking care of our planet.

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