Hamish the Pantomime Horse’s Big Adventure!

The star of the retelling of Black Beauty at Z-arts had a frosty festive trip this week! Hamish the horse visited the incredible Ice Cavern, the centre piece of the Ice Village in Manchester Christmas Markets.

Hamish, a pantomime horse, is currently centre stage at Z-arts in a re-imagining of the classic story of Black Beauty! Alongside his friends Andy and Andy, Hamish re-enacts portions of the story and encourages families and children to join in with the storytelling.

Feeling festive, Hamish took advice from a sculpture of an Arctic explorer who pointed him in the direction of the North Pole. He was amazed by the ice polar bear, and the giant train that was also carved out of ice.

Take a look at the photos to see Hamish’s adventures – and make sure you don’t miss him while he’s horsing around at Z-arts!

Hamish trotting through the Ice VillageHamish trotting through the Ice VillageHamish trotting through the Ice Village

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