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We’re running sessions for toddlers via Zoom, and are hoping to eventually bring them back in person! Join our amazing practitioners for a different weekly classes for your very little ones, open to all, not just Bright Sparks members. Get crafty, make things and have fun with your little ones!  Every session includes, songs, stories and a craft. We’ll be adding more sessions in the upcoming weeks, so make sure to keep checking in, and sessions are bookable weekly.

Please book by midnight the night before the session so we can send a Zoom link out to you (please book one ticket per family). See below for what is on each week!

23/04/2021: Adventure through a Frame with Flick

Come on an eye spy adventure into a painting and then start creating your own picture.

Before the workshop: Have a chat about where you would go, if you could go anywhere in the world.

What families need to join the Zoom activities: Cardboard (A side of a cereal box is perfect), paper, pens, glue, scrap paper (Old magazines/ envelopes)

Family challenge: Frame it Walk… Create your own frame out of cardboard and then take it for a walk. What shapes can you see? What colours do you see? What objects do you see? Tell a story about what you can see through your frame.

30/04/2021: Adventure to the Moon with Tom

Come and join Tom as you zoom off to the moon for a space inspired adventure. You’ll then create your own rocket game to play at home.

Before the workshop: What do we need to travel to the moon?

What families need to join the Zoom activities: Cereal box / Card, paper, glue, scissors, pens. Family challenge: Create your own moon disco. How would you move? What songs would you play?

07/05/2021: Adventure under the Sea with Flick

Join Flick on an adventure under the sea. What will we discover? You’ll create your own sea inspired pictures.

Before the workshop: What animals and creatures live under the sea?

What families need to join the Zoom activities: Card, pens, paper.

Family challenge: Create your own sea creature. What does it eat? What does it look like?

14/05/2021: Adventure through the Museum with Tom

Come into the Museum with Tom and explore the stories of different objects. Then make your own museum about the things you love.

Before the workshop: Find three of your favourite things around your home and talk about why you love them.

What families need to join the Zoom activities: Objects from around your home and pens, pencils and paper.

Family challenge: Go on a walk and find things to put in your own museum collection.


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