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15 Feb, 16 Feb, 17 Feb, 18 Feb, 19 Feb
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Age range
6 - 11 years

Free for Bright Sparks Members

We’re running different events every weekday during half term for Bright Sparks, so that they can pick and choose from a variety of sessions.

There will be 2 sessions daily, running from 10-12pm and 1-3pm.

Monday: Make Your Own Upcycled Hanging Plant Pot with Joe

Celebrating the gifts of nature and Spring with an upcycling session. Let’s repurpose some plastic water bottles and turn them into things that we really need! Using just one bottle we will make a nifty little hanging plant pot that we can fill with beautiful plants and flowers; really important food for the butterflies and bees which in turn helps to pollinate the food we eat! Using the rest of the bottle we can make a lovely decorative flower to hang up outside or both things can be gifted to neighbours or someone we think might be feeling a bit lonely in these times. 

For this workshop you will need: 

  • an empty 2 litre plastic bottle (you can pick up a water bottle from the supermarket for around 40p) 
  • a good pair of scissors 
  • PVA glue, pot and spatula or brush for applying the glue 
  • old newspaper 
  • twine/string or wool 
  • cellotape 
  • acrylic paints, paint brush, pot of water for the brushes 

Optional extras: 

  • drawing pins to attach the flower to a fence or wall 
  • wire/sticks or pipe cleaners to create a stalk for the plastic flower 
  • compost and a plant/seeds to sow in the plant pot. Recommended butterfly and bee favourites include lavender, marigold, lemon balm, foxgloves, snapdragons, thyme and cornflowers. 

Tuesday: ‘The Starkeeper’ with Tabitha

We will be looking at how sharing and being kind is really important through drama and arts and crafts based on themes from the story ‘The Starkeeper’. We will be using our imagination, playing games and creating our own origami stars. 

For this workshop you will need:

  • 4 sheets of coloured paper (any colour) A4 size. 
  • Pen or pencil  
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Wednesday: Small Acts  of Kindness with Gill

A kinder world is a better world! Join Gill on Random Acts of Kindness day today, in some making activities to get your little ones thinking about what it means to be kind. We will do some crafty activities that look at being kind to ourselves, those around us and the birds that live near our homes!  

 We will be doing some drawing, making a bird feeder cafe and creating a kindness jar for you to fill up after the workshop!  

What you will need for this workshop:

  • pencil/rubber/sharpener 
  • scissors 
  • glue stick 
  • PVA glue & spreader 
  • tape  
  • colouring pens/pencils Seeds of Friendship  
  • 2 x sheets plain paper Bird Feeder Cafe  
  • bird seeds 
  • clean & dry empty milk/juice carton 
  • string 
  • plain paper to decorate

    Kindness jar  
  • empty container or jar  
  • old magazines / newspapers 

Thursday: Half Term Rhythm and Rhyme Club with Yemi

In the Rhythm & Rhyme holiday club we will use different literary techniques getting inspiration from sounds, videos, objects and our emotions to write our own poems of love and kindness! Together we’ll play rhyme based games, language learning activities, practise our vocal expression and performance skills, as a way explore the basics of being a spoken word or literary artist.

What you will need for this workshop:

  •  something to write with and something to write on! 
  •  pencil/pen  
  • paper / notepad   

Friday: Kindness Tree with Nayna

Join Nayna on a creative visual arts journey linked to ‘Random Act of Kindness Day’. You will explore what it means to be kind to yourself, to others and to our environment through storytelling and creating an imaginative tree like structure, using everyday things. Discover and investigate interesting techniques of how card and paper can be used to decorate and personalise your sculptural form.

What you will need for this workshop:

What families need to join in the zoom activity: 

  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Sellotape
  • Pencil
  • Felt Pens
  • A free magazine from the supermarket
  • Thin cardboard, like a cereal box
  • 3 toilet roll tubes
  • Any other materials like as wrappers, used envelopes, packaging
  • Twigs
  • Leaves
  • Stones/pebbles
  • Pinecones
  • Any other natural found objects

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