Like Heaven and Scratched – a Contemporary Theatre double bill

7 Jun

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Like Heaven
Manchester Metropolitan University, CTP and Mole Wetherell

This is our moment – a moment for us to be together, for us to truly make contact. In a bit we’ll head off in different directions, let our journeys take their course, let the future bring what it’s going to. But for now its just us, here, and our thoughts and memories of when we’ve done it before. It’s a precious thing, a precious time, and we’re not going to waste it.

Like Heaven is a sculptural performance that freezes time. Built out of details, out of suggestions, and out of the excesses of pop nostalgia, this is a performance that gives you time to breathe, time to taste all the possibilities.


Scratched is a would-be dance performance thrown into chaos. Bodies emerge, move, endure and disappear. As the choreography unfolds, the inconsistent articulation of the task is brought to the surface. This is not whole, not skilled, not dancing. Between the unified ensemble and the individual, there is a desire to dance but an inability to master it.

Like too many films trailers playing on a loop, Scratched takes you to the heights and the depths, offering a string of tasters of something just out of reach – something beautiful, something meaningful, something worth all the effort.

– Manchester Metropolitan University CTP Facebook


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Z-arts, 335 Stretford Road
M15 5ZA
Greater Manchester

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