Family Make and Believe Online Sessions

6 Mar, 13 Mar, 20 Mar, 27 Mar

After the success of our Family Make and Believe sessions last year, we’re bringing them back The whole family can join our amazing practitioners for a different weekly classes for your very little ones, open to all, not just Bright Sparks members. We’re going to be adding new sessions, so make sure to come back to check out what more we have

Please book by midnight the night before the session so we can send a Zoom link out to you (please book one ticket per family). See below for what is on every week.

30th January: There’s a Dinosaur in my Bath! with Janine

There’s a Dinosaur in my Bath?! There’s an Octopus wearing my wellies?! There’s a crocodile in my Fridge?!  

Join Janine for a visual arts session inspired by the book There’s a Dinosaur in my Bath by Catlina Echeverri. Explore the world of the ridiculous and make your silly situations come to life by creating your own moving picture toy – the Thaumatrope!  

Before the workshop: 

Make sure you have a space set up with room to craft in. 

What families need to join the Zoom activities: 

  • A small plate like a saucer or a large cup to draw around 
  • Plain paper 
  • Some thin cardboard – an old cereal box or something similar would do 
  • A hole punch (scissors will do if you don’t have a hole punch) 
  • String or Eleatic bands (two elastic bands per person) 
  • A pencil (along with a rubber & sharpener) 
  • Colouring pens/pencils 
  • Scissors  
  • Glue  
  • Tape 

Family challenge: Together with your family, try and imagine the silliest situation you could find in your house. What’s your favourite animal? What would you do if you found it hiding in your washing machine?! See who can come up with the most ridiculous scenario – draw or write down any ideas that you have ready for the workshop.

6th February: The Story of our Toys with Gill

Who are our toys and what are they like? Join Gill for a playful crafty puppet making session that uses your very own favourite toys as inspiration.  

Before the workshop: Choose 2 of your favourite toys, characters or soft toys if possible!  

What families need to join the Zoom activities: A space to craft in, 2 toys and the following materials:  

  • Pencil (along with a rubber sharpener) 
  • Colouring pens/pencils 
  • Scissors  
  • Glue  
  • Stick or paper straw (or anything else you have)  
  • Tape  
  • Cereal box / food packaging  

Family challenge: Take your chosen toys on an adventure! With the help of grownup photograph them in places you wouldn’t normally expect to find them. Take your toys out on a local walk or put them in funny places at home or in the garden if you have one. If you are able to take them outside, remember to be careful with them and bring them home with you, they might not be used to the outdoors!   

13th February: Super Hero Family Portrait with Tom

Join Tom as we get all our paper, card, pens, materials and imaginations to create our very own super hero family portrait. We will think about the people we know and their ‘super powers’ and how they help others. We will use our own imaginations and making skills to create a group who can go and save the world!

Before the workshop: Have a think about the people you know and their ‘superpowers’ and how they help others.

What families need to join the Zoom activities: 

  • Your imagination
  • Any craft bits and pieces you have at home, glue and scissors if available A sheet of A4 or larger piece of paper
  • Pens or pencils

Family challenge: Make your own Superhero Symbol. On a piece of paper or card can you take your own initials or your superhero name a draw it as a superhero symbol?  Some examples might be:  The Incredibles, Supergirl, Superman, Wonder Woman or Batman!

Half Term  27th February: Haiku Zine with Flick  

Let Flick guide you to make your own Haiku Zine about the street you live on. You’ll learn how to make your own mini magazine and how to write a haiku  

Before the workshop: Go for a walk on your street. What do you notice? What can you hear? Can you gather 3- 5 different things about your street that interest you? Can you draw or take a photo of these things?  

What families need to join the Zoom activities:  

  • You’ll need an A4 bit of paper  
  • pens and pencils  
  • if you have one, a ruler may be useful  

Family challenge: Have a go at making your own poetry zine about your home. Can everyone in your family contribute a poem?  Send it to someone special! Be sure to share your results with us online! 

6th March: Find Poetry in the Everyday with Yemi 

Join Yemi in exploring how we can find poetry in our everyday lives. Play fun creativity games, use your imaginations together and find inspiration in existing poetry to create a family poem of your very own. 

Before the workshop: As a family pick one of your favourite songs you like to sing or listen to. Identify a verse or collection of phrases from the song that you like in particular and bring this with you for us to unpick together. 

What families need to join the Zoom activities: 

  • Pen /pencils and paper (Something to write on and with) 

Family challenge: Bring your poem to life, and practise performing it together with a drumbeat! You can find free drumbeats on YouTube to play in the background. If you’re feeling really confident, film yourselves doing it and send the videos to us. 

13th March: Make a Flying Saucer with Tom  

Join Tom as we make an alien spacecraft, also known as a ‘flying saucer’, from outer space. 

Before the workshop:  Talk about what planet your flying saucer is coming from.  What is it called?  Who lives there?  Where is the spacecraft flying too? 

What families need to join the Zoom activities:  

  • A paper plate or card 
  • Scissors if available 
  • A clear cup like container, could be a plastic container used for dips like hummus or olives 
  • Glue, blu tack or sticky tape 
  • Coloured pencils or pens
  • Decorative craft supplies 

Family Challenge: Talk with everyone in your household about being an alien family from another planet.  What would your names be?  What would you look like?  What can you do that humans can’t?  What can you do that humans can also do?

Can you come up with your own alien language?  How would you say:  Hello, Goodbye, I’m hungry, I like…., I want to be….. etc.

 20th March: Secret Agents Adventure with Flick  

We are going to create our own adventure and write your own secret code.  

Before the workshop:  Have a chat about what is your most favourite treasure?  

What families need to join the Zoom activities:  

  • Pens and paper!  

Family challenge: Can you come up with your own secret code as a family? You could send a letter in code to a friend or a family member (Be sure to include the Code sheet in your letter) 

27th March Tale-Telling Tourists with Tom  

Join as he helps you to imagine parts of your house or garden as the most fantastical, magical or fascinating places on earth. 

Before the workshop:  

Have a look round your home or garden and try to find your favourite places. Ask other members of your household about their favourite places. 

What families need to join the Zoom activities:  

  • Paper, pens and pencils
  • Craft supplies
  • Additional supplies could be stickers or pictures from the internet or magazines. 

Family challenge: Pretend to be a tour guide for your own home or garden. Pick interesting places and make up interesting facts and stories about them. Then take each other, or others via video calls, on a special tour of your fabulously interesting tourist attraction. 




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