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We’re excited to be continuing our Family Make and Believe Sessions. The whole family can join our amazing practitioners for a different weekly classes for your very little ones, open to all, not just Bright Sparks members. We’re going to be adding new sessions, so make sure to come back to check out what more we have, and bookings open weekly, so make sure you book for this week’s session!

Please book by midnight the night before the session so we can send a Zoom link out to you (please book one ticket per family). See below for what is on every week.

24/04/2021 Falling Through a Frame with Flick

On a visit to the local gallery, we notice something strange about a painting on display. Come on an adventure through the Frame and discover what you can find. We will then create our own picture about where we would like to go.

Before the workshop: Gather the things you need. If you can go anywhere in the world where would you go?

What families need to join the Zoom activities: Cardboard (A side of a cereal box is perfect), papers, pens, glue, scrap paper (Old magazines/ envelopes)

Family challenge: Frame it Walk… Create your own frame out of card and then take it for a walk. What can you see that interests you? Can you connect 3-4 different views into a story?

01/05/2021: Zoom To the Moon with Tom

The Z Rocket Moon launch is already to go when disaster strikes – the engine has a failure! Come and join Tom as you uncover what can fuel your rocket and zoom off to the moon for a space inspired adventure. You’ll create your own board game to play based on the adventure you have.

Before the workshop: Can you find out the names of the planets in the solar system? Which would you most like to go to?

What families need to join the Zoom activities: Cereal box/ Card, paper, glue, scissors, pens.

Family challenge: Create three challenges and write them on a small rectangle of card. Put them in a jar and draw them at random. Who can write the silliest challenge? 3.

08/05/2021: Postcards from the Strange Sea with Flick

All aboard the Good Ship Lollipop as we set sail in search of the Strange Sea. Come join Flick on an adventure across the sea and discover who lives there. Design your own postcards to send to your friends and family to tell them about your adventure.

Before the workshop: Go on a fact finding mission about the ocean. What is your favourite fact?

What families need to join the Zoom activities: Card, paper, pens, glue, scissors

Family challenge: Write a letter to a creature that lives under the sea. What would their address be? What would you like to know about their life and what would you tell them about yours?

 15/05/2021: The Museum of Me with Tom

The Museum of Me is waiting to open its doors. However the objects on display have gone missing! Come and create your own museum based on all of your favourite things and make a pocket book guide to ‘The Museum of Me’.

Before the workshop: Create a list of things that are important to you.

What families need to join the Zoom activities: A4 plain paper, pens and pencils.

Family challenge: Create a museum exhibition in your living room and everyone in the home can add to it.





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