11 – 16 Band of Boroughs

27 Jul

Age range
11 - 16


Run Time
11am - 4pm

Have you ever thought about being in a band but just didn’t know where to start? Meet new people, learn music skills and put them into to practice creating a band in your Borough, before performing LIVE at Z-Arts in the winter! (No experience necessary).


Tuesday – Intro to the project/Rhythm and Rhyme Workshops

You’ll work on counting beats, using voice and percussion to create different rhythms within a 4bar and 8bar loop. You’ll also focus on rhyme-schemes and patterns, playing rhyming games, using new tools to create a piece of writing about a pre-decided theme.

Wednesday – Songwriting and Arrangement

You will focus on writing techniques, choosing one verse and one chorus from your favourite song and analysing it. Once you have learned the basics of arrangement, you’ll work in pairs to put choruses and verses together to create a short song.

Thursday – Learning and Instrument and Making a band

Each young person will get a chance to try out a selection of instruments set out around the room. They will split into two teams based on their chosen instrument. Each group will be given a different song to learn and practice.

Friday – Band Practice

You will pick up the same instrument you played the day before and go through a series of exercises. Then you will then practice the song that you and your group have been assigned, ready for the performance!

Saturday – Rehearsals and Performance!

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Getting there

Z-arts, 335 Stretford Road
M15 5ZA
Greater Manchester

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