Families! Get your crayons out, it’s time to draw your Mog Family!

It’s time to get your crayons out and do some colouring and creating! We might be in our homes, but the creativity doesn’t stop as #ZartsAtHome continues!

Grab some paper because we want to see your artwork! At the top of this page is a picture of Mog and her family. We’d love you to share your pictures of Mog with your family, or if you’d prefer, you can swap Mog with your own family pet!

If you have a printer at home you can also download this colouring in sheet of the Tiger and Sophie.

Download the Tiger and Sophie colouring in sheet >>>

Once you’ve finished colouring and creating please share your work online so we can see them using the hashtag #ZartsCommunity, or you can email us at holly@z-arts.org

Facebook: /zartsmcr

Instagram: @z.artsmcr

Twitter: @z_arts_mcr

Here are some fantastic Mog Family drawings that Toby, Ella and Lila shared with us!

Child's drawing of their family with Mog the Cat Child's drawing of their family with Mog the Cat

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