Time for some dinosaur facts!

Not long to go until Dommy B’s Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh Dinosaurs! on Saturday 19 May. Here are a few dinosaur facts to get you in the mood to ROAR…

  • Dinosaurs lived on Earth for 150 million years. Humans have been around for just 0.1% of that time. This is why dinosaurs can look quite strange to us, they had millions of years to evolve horns, spikes and whatever it took to suit their environment.
  • Over 700 different species of dinosaurs have been identified and named. However palaeontologists (dinosaur experts) believe that there are many more out there that are yet to be discovered.
  • Here’s a spelling challenge for you, the dinosaur with the longest name is Micropachycephalosaurus (meaning – ‘small thick-headed lizard’).
  • Most dinosaurs were vegetarians. If a dinosaur stood on all four feet, it was a vegetarian, and if it stood on two feet, it was a carnivore.
  • Despite what we said at the beginning, scientists now believe that dinosaurs may have chirped or cooed like birds rather than roared!

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