‘Celebrating Balls’ Intergenerational Project

Jennifer Malarkey has been working in collaboration with Z-arts and Lancaster Arts to deliver an intergenerational project looking at place. Jennifer is the artist selected for the development opportunity as part of our ‘Watch This Space’ programme with Lancaster Arts. This residency offers Jennifer mentorship from both teams, funding, space and test audiences/participants.

At the end of May, Jennifer hosted a ‘Celebrating Balls’ event here at Z-arts. We invited people of all ages from the local community to participate in this project. The event involved playing a game of bingo and each participant bringing a ball that held significance to them to talk about.

Jennifer remarked after the event that meaningful connections were made between participants that spanned generations. Following the success of this event and the previous intergenerational event inspired by the show ‘Josephine’, Z-arts is looking at other ways to keep this engagement.


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