3D Printing with Jamie-Lee Wainman

In March, Z-arts offered an opportunity for two creative facilitators to design and deliver a brand-new workshop based on the environment. Facilitators were offered up to a week of space here at Z-arts, payment for their time, support by our team and a trial session with a group of our Bright Sparks members. We selected artists Jamie-Lee Wainman and Hattie Kongaunruan to design a workshop based on the environment

Last week we had Jamie-Lee Wainman in the space. Jamie ran a workshop around 3D printing. Jamie set out to explore the world of 3D printing through play and creativity. Jamie wanted to together with the participants look at how a 3D printer works, why it is sustainable process, and the creative possibilities it brings our future. There was also a 3D printer which was set up printed live.

Eight of our Bright Sparks members attended the workshop and gave Jamie feedback after the session. They really enjoyed learning about how a 3D printer operates and the environmental benefits in using it. They also said they would be interested in participating in futures sessions on 3D printing.


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