Back the Z-arts Co-op campaign

We are super pleased to have been selected as one of the Co-Op’s local causes. But now we need you! If you live, work or shop locally to Z-arts, please back us as your cause and we will receive 1% of any co-op branded products you buy over the next 6 months to support us to work in the local community.

How it works

Every time you show your card when you buy Co-op branded products and services – from everyday things like buying a loaf to bigger things like planning a funeral or making a will – both you and your community will benefit.

5% for you – Co-op will put 5% of what you spend into your Co-op membership account. You can spend it straight away or save it up for something special.

1% for your community – You can choose a local cause to receive 1% of what you spend on Co-op products and services.

How can I support Z-arts?

Simply login to your account online and choose the Z-arts ‘Young People’ campaign to back. Every time you shop at the Co-op in Hulme-Birley Fields 1% of your spend will automatically go to the Z-arts project.

To find out more please visit the membership website.

What am I backing?

Help us to get Hulme reading! We want two iconic BookBenches in Hulme where children and families can sit and read.

In Hulme, over 50% children are living under the poverty line. Help us to get Hulme reading! We want 2 iconic BookBenches in Hulme decorated just like the stories from Z-arts favourite children’s author Michael Rosen, where children and families can sit and read. This year Z-arts are in receipt of Arts Council Catalyst funding which will double every penny raised; so every £1 given by a Co-Op Member will be doubled to £2 with Arts Council funding. £1,800 will provide one BookBench for Z-arts and with the match funding support we can donate a second BookBench to a local primary school. We want everyone to sit together on a BookBench; spending quality time, sharing stories and making memories so they’ll be inspired to achieve more, reach higher and change the world.


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