Legacy Giving

Dedicate and Celebrate with Z-arts

“Leaving a gift to Z-arts in my will is very important to me. I love how vibrant and fun Z-arts is and I want that to continue for everyone. My daughter and I have spent many happy times together here. It will always be an important part of her childhood. I want to ensure that other families can find the same special memories.” – Z-arts Legacy Pledger

We’re asking our supporters if they can say the ultimate ‘thank you’? Can you leave Z-arts a gift in your Will?

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Farewill, who can provide a low cost, straight forward way to write your Will. You don’t have to use these lot of course, but we liked the way they work!

All donations go straight to supporting our young people focused activity, showcasing inspiring theatre, proving stimulating classes and creating life-changing moments.


Thank you for thinking of us.

For more information, or to share with us your amazing gift, please email info@z-arts.org