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Could your business make amazing things happen at Z-arts?

“Z-arts aims to inspire children in under-privileged areas and help them build a better future for their communities. We are proud to support this initiative.” – Mike Hulme, Alstom

Z-arts is a registered charity (1093356) and relies on the support from businesses. Z-arts needs you to inspire a generation of young people, change the lives of children from across Greater Manchester and make great, amazing incredible things happen.

Support starts from just £1000 and includes a variety of hospitality for your staff and clients to enjoy, unique advertising opportunities for your business and fun, creative CSR opportunities.

See our current supporters here.

Z-arts is currently being support by Arts Council England Catalyst programme, so every £1 donated from your business will be generously matched. Making a £1000 donation worth £2000 to us.

Our work with One Manchester

One Manchester have worked directly with the creative staff at Z-arts to make something unique and exciting, that was a fantastic opportunity for their clients and staff, gave them a unique opportunity to promote their brand and really made a difference to the young people of Manchester. The One Manchester Young Reviewers Project worked with 10 Young People leading up to the Big Imaginations festival, training them in analytical skills, critical feedback and writing for audiences, before they visited with their families a number of the shows across Greater Manchester. All culminating in a Young Person led award night where they’ll shared their reviews, give out awards and saw their work in print.