Family Cinema Club Relaunch with IntoFilm

4 Oct

Cinema without the price tag! Relaunching for Autumn 2019 our family film club is back every Friday night. Join us for this special event in partnership with IntoFilm for a great film, goodie bags and popcorn galore. Then each week will be a different film from our IntoFilm curated season.

4th October – The Princess & the Frog
Tiana is a beautiful young woman with big dreams, and into her life comes a dashing young prince. There’s only one problem – he’s been transformed into a frog by a witch doctor. Before long, there’s another problem: when Tiana kisses him, she becomes a frog, too. Are the two of them going to be able to find a way to return to their original bodies? This beautiful romantic adventure is a return by Disney to traditional, hand drawn animation. It’s a dazzling-looking film with a great, feisty heroine in Tiana and lots of terrific music.

11th October – Felix
Penny whistle playing Felix has just won a scholarship to a private school, but coming from a poorer part of town than the other boys means settling in is not going to be easy. Music is where Felix feels most confident so when he sees the opportunity to take part in the school’s jazz concert he goes in for auditions. The penny whistle doesn’t cut it but having discovered that his late father was a great saxophonist he vows to audition again with a saxophone. Unfortunately his mother hates the idea of Felix following his father’s footsteps so he must learn the instrument in secret with the help of his father’s old band-mates, the Bozza Boys.

18th October – Zarafa
Beautifully animated adventure about Maki, a Sudanese boy who escapes from slave traders to become the protector of Zarafa, an orphaned giraffe who in turn becomes his best friend. Taking up with a band of explorers, pirates, and merchants, young Maki goes on an incredible voyage by sea and air to accompany Zarafa to Paris, where she is to be presented as a gift from the Pasha of Egypt to the King of France. A thrilling adventure with a touch of history: there really was a giraffe called Zarafa given to Charles X who sparked a giraffe craze throughout France!

25th October – Khumba
A half-striped zebra that is rejected by his superstitious, all-striped herd goes on a daring quest in this bright and lively South African animated adventure comedy, which has an important message about learning to accept yourself. After the other zebras blame the strange-looking foal for the lack of rain and spreading drought, he ventures beyond his home, following a map to what may be a water source. Along the way he encounters a diverse range of animals, from a ferocious leopard to a free-spirited wildebeest and an insecure ostrich, learning that difference can be a strength.

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