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4 Jun

Recommended for Ages 13+


A project from In Place of war

When communities are caught in the depths of conflict and oppression, and survival becomes part of everyday life, why do people continue to create?   When arms and air raids, ceasefires and aid fail to bring an end to such situations, what can art offer and what can it change?  

CREATE Film Festival is a project from multi-award winning organisation In Place of War, that looks at creativity in sites of conflict through the eyes of some of the world’s most daring and innovative filmmakers. In the first of four special screenings, join us at Z-Arts for an evening of Kurdish film, music and food. Explore the rich cultural history of the Kurdish communities living in Manchester and beyond and discover why culture is such an important part of their struggle, their heritage and their identity today.


(Soran Mardookhi, Canada / Iraq / Iran, 2015, 72 min)

Four hundred years ago, during the Safavid and Ottoman era, forty thousand Kurds were resettled by the King of Persia from Anatolia to the northeastern frontiers of the Persian Empire. Music and folktales were the only means of preserving their history, way of life and identity. But now the old storytellers and master troubadours are quietly fading away with no chance to pass down their knowledge. Musicologist Kalimollah Tavahodi is in a race against time to record and preserve their work before it is too late. But, working in a country that until recently refused to even acknowledge the existence of the Kurds, he has faced prosecution and even imprisonment for his efforts over the years…



(Alan Amin, UK / Kurdistan, English & Kurdish with English Subtitles, 2016, 25 min)

A portrait of Shaho Qadir, who lost both legs during Saddam Hussein’s bombing of Halabja, but has nevertheless gone on to become a highly successful para-athlete. For Shaho, every race he competes in is a statement of identity, a platform to raise awareness of the existence and continued struggles of the Kurdish people. This will be a special preview screening, presented by the Director.


(Mazin M Sherabayani, UK, Kurdish with English Subtitles, 2016, 20 min)

12-year-old Dyab is a Kurdish Yazidi boy living at Arbat refuge camp, following the horrendous attacks by  Islamic State on his village in Shingal. His dream is to become a filmmaker and actor and tell the stories and sufferings of his people to the outside world.

All are welcome. Food and live music are also included in this event!

This is a free event. Donations to support In Place of War’s ongoing work are welcome.


CREATE Film Festival is a project from multi-award winning organisation In Place of War, that looks at creativity in sites of conflict through the eyes of some of the world’s most daring and innovative filmmakers

Featuring three screenings that look at creativity and culture in DR Congo, Kurdistan and the world’s Hip Hop communities, the festival also includes a special women-only screening that explores some of the most inspiring female-led artistic movements happening in sites of conflict and post-conflict today. 

Working in partnership with FilmHubNW and local Manchester communities, each screening has been co-curated to include a mix of emerging and established filmmakers, alongside opportunities for discussion, sharing, Director Q&As, live music and food.

Creativity as resistance; as understanding; as peace building; as voice; as messenger; as an alternative.   Join us for a series of unique screenings and events and discover what happens when people CREATE in place of war.  

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